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  • What is Print On Demand?

  • The Power of Apparel Hustle

  • Navigating the Apparel Landscape

  • Essential Steps to Launch a POD Business

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Meet Your Guide

Rhea Nicole M

Rhea Nicole is an impassioned entrepreneur with a mission to empower individuals to build generational wealth through their passions.

Her journey began in 2022 with the launch of The Then Who Brand, showcasing her talent for transforming creative concepts into thriving businesses. In 2023, she further solidified her success with the launch of her second e-commerce store, demonstrating her adeptness in managing multiple ventures.

Rhea's passion extends beyond her own ventures - she is equally passionate about empowering individuals to maintain their creative spirit amidst the demands of their 9-to-5 careers. Recognizing the drive and potential within others, she actively guides aspiring entrepreneurs in realizing their apparel business dreams. Rhea understands the challenges of balancing a full-time job with entrepreneurial aspirations which is why she champions the power of side hustles, and offers solutions to a practical and flexible path for people to explore their entrepreneurial spirit while managing their primary work commitments.

Through her own success and dedicated guidance, Rhea Nicole is making a significant impact, empowering individuals to turn their creative pursuits into financial security and pave the way for generational wealth creation.

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